Adult’s Cartoons Make the Grade Too

Do you realize that there are TV Shows and cartoons that are made for adults only? If you did not think so, think about cartoons like “The Simpsons”, “Robot Chicken” and “King of the Hill.” These are most definitely Adult Cartoon TV Shows. Have you ever heard of or even watched “Adult Swim” that the Cable channel Cartoon Network airs? The show is on from 11 p.m. every night until 6 a.m. the next morning. The cartoons and shows that air in this timeframe are specifically designed for teenagers and adults. 4anime

There have been a lot of adult-oriented animated Shows that have been coming out of Japan – Anime’ – and other parts of the world. These have gained huge popularity with adults. The reason that adults like these show is that they do not edit out content. There are scenes that are considered “inappropriate” for younger viewers (pre-teens and adolescents), as well as language that get left in the cartoon. You know, considering the way the outside world is, and sometimes the status of today’s families, there is no reason to delete this content. A lot of adults find it funny, and like to see this type of comedy.

There are so many adults that simply love to sit there and take the time to watch these Shows and cartoons that are specifically designed for them. Hear is a secret, don’t tell anyone, but there are times that adults still like the older kid’s cartoons as well. There is nothing like being able to sit there and watch older cartoons – both adult’s as well as children’s – and just enjoy the feeling. There really is nothing wrong with this either! When you think of an adult cartoon TV Show, do you think that you would enjoy one called “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”? Sure it might sound like it is for your younger kids, but is it really?



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