Concrete is the New Primary Home Building Material

When looking at the mud / cement homes of the southwest, we see that the ancient Pueblos give us a great example of this fact by building dwellings that are made mainly of the mud of where they lived. Today the primary building for most people in the United States is wood. This is because we have been blessed with large forest that supply us with as much wood as we need for our homes.

But, wood may not be the primary building material of the future in the United States. Environmentalists are showing us that we need strong and healthy forest to keep our country beautiful. So, if the United Sates will no longer depend on wood as the primary building material for homes, what will the new primary building material be? The answer is concrete. Contractors have the ability today to use concrete to build incredibly strong homes that are super insulated by using insulated concrete forms (ICF). An ICF wall system uses polystyrene forms that are easily stacked on top of one another and then stay in place once the concrete to be poured into them. This new type of building technology is a big reason why contractors are now looking to cement as their primary building material. house building materials 

The ICF wall is much stronger than a traditional wood wall. The concrete core provides substantially better safety in high wind regions, while the insulation combined with the concrete provides superior energy efficiency. Storms that would devastate the traditional stick built home will do little to no damage to the concrete home.

Another reason that this new building method will make building homes a common practice is because ICF systems can be used to build any type of home. The blocks come in a wide range of sizes and angles to build simple ranch homes or intricate Victorian houses. Insulated concrete forms allow the builder the same type of range as he or she would have had when using wood.


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