More About Southern Style BBQ and Pork

Alright, since we have already established how pigs (pork) came over here to America, let’s keep moving on. The pigs were just left to wander the wild. The weather conditions were such that it just was not very conducive to raising cattle; most of them perished and died back east in that climate so raising pigs became the norm.

So we have now established that pork is the featured BBQ meat of the South. We call it Southern Style BBQ Pork. But what exactly is true barbecue?

This way of cooking is so old and every part of the region has its own way of doing things, it is hard to deliver on a definition of exactly what ‘pulled pork’ is. Because when you are talking Southern Style BBQ Pork you almost always come to the conclusion that you are talking about ‘pulled pork.’ pasture raised pork

At its very lowest level of definition, pulled pork is pork that is cooked very slowly over a low, smoky fire. This is cooked to the point where the pork can be ‘pulled’ apart with the hands. In other words, Southern Style BBQ Pork is just Southern Style barbecue or as they call it: pulled pork. We can call it smoked pork.

My wife and I have traveled in every state and eaten BBQ in every state except Maine. We know BBQ. We know pork. (MAINE is on the agenda for 2010) In our travels we have found that this pulled pork can be delivered to you in many different ways. It can be pulled apart by hand. It can be chopped, sliced, diced. It can be shredded as they do for BBQ burritos or enchiladas. Now that is an interesting combination: Southern Style BBQ and Mexican cooking.

However you define it, Southern Style BBQ is way more than just food or a meal. It is just simple a way for people to gather and have fun. Whether it be for a social occasion, political, a BBQ after church on Sunday. My wife and I even went to one after church one Sunday back in the Carolinas where after the porky meal they put on a Civil War Enactment.

Here is one difference that you can have even in the same town: it is the difference or various types of sauces, rubs, wood you BBQ on. Some cooks swear by a specific type of wood to smoke by and others vary it up. Others use just salt and pepper and let the true flavor of the meat come through. And still other cooks use BBQ rub very liberally.

Final destination: You just take a pork shoulder and if you chose to use BBQ rub, put it on there liberally, then put it in your smoker and let er rip! s l o w l y. Hours and hours and hours until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees F., which is the correct temperature for pork. We do not need anyone getting sick on us.


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