Top 5 Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways

You’ve made a wise decision to integrate the cryptocurrency payment gateway to your site.

Nowadays, it is really essential to have a crypto payment gateway option if you are running a business where transactions are done domestically or internationally.

What Happens If You Use The Crypto Payment Gateway On Your Website?

Cryptocurrency payment gateways are networks allowing businesses to accept crypto coins such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, etc as a payment method.

Users from anywhere can purchase products and services from a business that accepts crypto payments regardless of where it’s located around the world.

Moreover, merchants who accept crypto payments can get eased from the difficulties related to traditional payment modes, such as high fees, compulsory identification procedures, and delays.

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Why Crypto Payment Gateways Are Useful For Businesses?

There are plenty of advantages to allowing your clients to pay with crypto coins. Some of them are listed below:

  • First, it is secure and customers are in complete control of their transactions.
  • Customers can take advantage of the new payment method.
  • It will create your brand credibility as a forward-thinking company.
  • Avoid chargebacks that are linked to other forms of payment.
  • Gain access to new customers who want to pay for products and services with cryptocurrencies.

Now you’ve got how useful it is to your business. It will take your business to the new level and attract more customers.

However, the question is WHICH crypto payment gateway you should choose.

Here, we’re going to highlight the top five crypto payment gateways in 2020, and also we’ll suggest which one is the best for you.

Top Five Cryptocurrency Payment Gateways in 2020:

1. Coinremitter:

Coinremitter is one of the best crypto payment gateway that provides quality services to Merchants and business clients globally.

It has a huge number of around 25000+ users and has a close connection with them.

Moreover, Coinremitter has already processed 5000+ BTC and its transactions occur every hour.

They accept the most valuable cryptocurrencies that are popular and safe such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash Coin, Bitcoin Gold, and many others.

They support the most prominent and powerful plugins, such as Laravel, CorePHP, WordPress, and more, with free API support.

The benefits of choosing coinremitter is that there are no KYC processes, no ID or background verification needed, etc. Everything is trouble-free.

In addition, they have many other functionalities such as digital invoice, currency swap, and the most prominent is the lowest transaction fees only 0.23%.

That’s why it is unique from the other payment gateways as it’s built to offer the easiest and quickest service.

2. Coingate:

CoinGate is yet another Crypto payment gateway with great merchant options.

It has a user-friendly interface that allows merchants to sign up and start accepting crypto payments immediately.

The company is helping to develop a customer-driven checkout system to make payment for crypto payments quickly.

CoinGate allows merchants and consumers around the world to enjoy and receive cryptocurrency payments.

It supports 40+ cryptocurrencies, meaning merchants can significantly increase the number of different payment methods they provide just by using this crypto-payment gateway.

Coingate charges a 1% fee on all transactions that normally takes about 1 hour to complete.

3. Bitpay:

Bitpay is an American finance technology company. It is a bitcoin payment system that serves business owners from around the world.

The company uses technology based on blockchain payment to let sellers accept and pay with crypto coins. The payment system is controlled by cryptocurrency.

It helps merchants by serving their global needs and reaches an international audience, even bitpay protects its merchants against any kind of fraud.

Thanks to the international blockchain system, because company empowers sellers with comprehensive control over their assets. Bitpay gives its merchants fast and trouble-free delivery.

The only downside is that BitPay currently accepts direct bank deposits in only 38 countries.

4. Coinpayments:

CoinPayments is another widely recognized cryptocurrency portal dedicated entirely to online merchants. This makes transfers simpler using many coins like Bitcoin, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, and Litecoin.

CoinPayments also allows instant payment transfers and provides a wallet you can use to control your spending easier by choosing when to access it.

You can also access a multi-coin wallet that is fitted with top-notch protection.

Merchants can not only encourage their customers to use crypto coins to pay for products/services but they can also purchase gift certificates.

CoinPayments has ready-made plugins such as aMember Pro, Arastta, WordPress, Magento, OpenCart, Shopify, WooCommerce, and several more.

The platform is accessible on both iOS and Android so that the crypto revolution isn’t skipped.

5. GoURL:

GoURL is a financial company located in the Commonwealth of Dominica. GoURL charges are different from free to 3.5%.

This crypto payment gateway is offering its merchants a friendly-user experience focused on an alternative to traditional gateway technology. The payment goes without having to redirect to external websites.

The GoURL platform provides simple breakdowns of payments that make order management very straightforward. Payments are received within 30 seconds of the transaction and are highly secure.

The good thing about GoURL is that it allows merchants to make 1-click payments through their sites using Monetiser Online.

However, the drawback of GoURL is that the platform does not provide direct bank transfers which would definitely be a disappointment for some companies.

Moreover, fees are high as compared to other cryptocurrency payment gateways on this list.

To Sum Up:

It seems you’ve got what to choose.

With these options for the crypto-payment gateway, you can start accepting cryptocurrency payments for your company.

This choice grants you the ability to protect your funds, free of chargebacks and border restrictions, in a cryptographically safe environment.

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